Wittliff Cutter is pleased to announce that it secured an important order for Moov Technologies, Inc. Moov is a successful and growing company in the used semiconductor trading business that was sued in April 2021 by an industry incumbent. Led by partners María Amelia Calaf, Katherine Chiarello, and Jack Simms, the Wittliff Cutter litigation team participated in a two-day evidentiary hearing before U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman, who denied plaintiff’s request for a preliminary injunction, concluding that plaintiff had failed to demonstrate “a likelihood of success on any of its claims.” This preliminary ruling is significant for Moov because it allows the company to continue to fairly compete for business and market share during the pendency of the lawsuit. Wittliff Cutter is proud to represent Moov in this case and proud to have obtained this win on their behalf.